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  • 21st March 2016 | By David Jolley

    We are having an Easter Bonnet walk in the park on Wednesday with children from the local school sporting sponsored hats – Sponsorship for the Marie Curie Foundation. This is to rekindle a relation between the school, park and Marie Curie Foundation which began 20 years ago when the mother of children at the school became terminally ill.

    A Field of Hope – thousands of daffodils – was planted and bloomed magnificently for a few years but has latterly waned. We want to see hope re-established and sustained into the future.

    We planted 2000 daffodil bulbs in the autumn, 1000, snowdrops and 1000 bluebells. The yield is disappointingly sparse. Maybe we chose the wrong part of the park, maybe the very wet season has drowned the bulbs.

    Nothing to be done though other than to press on – We can celebrate Spring and what daffodils we have this year and photographs of the most successful years. We will wear hats and make a donation to Marie Curie and learn something from them about cancer and their work. We will be thankful for new picnic benches and hear something about the history and natural history of the park from a local expert. We will walk the park together and talk of realities and hopes.

    Perhaps there is more to be learned about hope and coming to terms with the wonders and frailties of biological systems, including human beings, when things do not go quite as we wish. Living with bad news and finding a new way will see us through.

    We are wanting to learn more about The Dementia Roadmap. Salford is nearby and has one and has a good reputation in dementia services. Their Roadmap is fronted by a scene featuring a tram! Perhaps there is less flexibility in Salford than the A-Z might suggest.

    It seems such a good idea – but who does what and how are the maps actually used? Can we see evaluations? Why are there only 17 maps registered to date?

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