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  • 21st June 2016 | By David Jolley

    It is a terrible thing to learn of the killing of a blameless, generous young woman in her st early 40s.

    Jo Cox was identifiable by her work and her clearly expressed views in support of a better society for everyone.

    I am worried that the ‘loner’ in his 50s and with a history of contact with mental health services took the dreadful action which killed her whilst affected by a serious mental disorder. The worry is that his difficulties were not identified or if they were known, insufficient action was taken to help him. Over and again I hear or read of services for people with mental illness, dementia or learning disability being inadequate for the need. Professional responses are too often deemed correct because they are what is affordable or comply with a check-list and inclusion/exclusion criteria – whether or not they counter problems effectively.

    A man in his seventies is in hospital – hopefully recovering from the wounds he sustained when intervening in an attempt to prevent the tragedy. How wonderful that he was and is so brave. Bernard Kenny is a retired mine rescue worker who was previously mentioned for bravery in his work. It is believed that he and his wife were shopping when they saw the developing crisis – Bernard responded without hesitation. He received attention from a man in his 20s who was nearby and is a trained First Aider

    This is a terrible business. There is much to be worried about but the values of Jo Cox and her like, and the values and selflessness of ordinary people across the age bands, shine true and golden

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