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  • 27th June 2016 | By David Jolley

    This is the week which will be remembered for the vote for the UK to leave the European Union. 

    Our younger daughter was left unable to speak for the morning when the result became known and a young lady consultant at our weekly seminar was similarly dismayed. 

    The analysis suggests, as I understand it, that older people and people in the North and Midlands were heavily in favour of leaving. These are people I would usually turn to for wise counsel. 

    This is now our situation. We have a government heavily laced with Eton education; taxes and other features of our lives are skewed to favour the wealthy and to be harsh on the less well-off, services for the old and those weakened by any sort of illness are severely rationed and means tested. 

    Is this a bed of nails? If so it is a bed made by us (corporately) and so the bed we (corporately) lie on – at least until we do something to change it. 

    Volunteers work on our park, to keep it tidy, to care for the budgies, cockatiels, zebra finches and one kakaricki who live in the park aviary. We enjoy the involvement and sense of ownership – people talk to each other – about the weather, about dogs and children and friends and relations, football, cricket, music, church, hospitals, plants, trees, the length of the grass – all sorts of stuff. 

    On Saturday we looked at the sky and there were showers which followed on the pattern of heavy showers which had been with us through the week. See how weather-wise we are – not quite rural but definitely creatures of the open air. 

    At 1.45pm the rain stopped. We had put up gazeebos and the Altrincham and District Dog Training Club had prepared an arena for a fabulous two hours of demonstrations, competitions, races – Dogs’ Delight – There was a good turnout of gentle people, gentle dogs. A lovely day. 

    When all was finished and cleared away there was no litter left behind – but beautiful memories and a promise that we will do it all again next year. Puppies will be adult dogs for then – and veterans will be even older. That man will need to keep his beard if he wants to hold on to his crown as the owner who looks most like is dog – Or was it the other way on? 

    Everything in this routine gives joy and refreshment and from these, strength to make something good whatever. 

    Sunday morning there was scattered glass from one broken bottle beside the octagonal island bed – we cleared it up before 7am – and most people will never know 

    But: Ouch! – Brexit – How absurd








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    Greg. Created on 01/07/2016 15:28

    Always a pleasure to read your writings.How are you this occasionally sunny day?
       Brexit excites me enormously.I was only 8 when we went into something which was radically different to that we are coming out of.My view is that we are giving the next generation a most amazing gift..A Country! ..all of their own.Just imagine that! Something to shape as they wish without our interference.
      Next time you are near Kingswinford please pay a visit to our own King George VI park.We too are blessed with woods,wildlife,model boats on the lake on sunday mornings,all within earshot of the enthusiastic bell ringers of St.Mary's ringing the changes.Over the lane sits The Old Courthouse serving commendably Real Ale.
      Best Wishes.

    David Jolley Created on 03/07/2016 09:05

    Thanks Greg - The invitation to Kingswinford and King George VI park is very welcome. This is a treat I am promising myself. It is just marvellous that we can find continuity and hope so close to hand. The park is so encouraging - even when twerps wreak their damage, with a little help, the natural world returns to peaceful beauty
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