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  • 4th July 2016 | By David Jolley

    I can’t stand your meetings

    I’m fed up with your conferences and conventions

    I want nothing to do with your projects, your pretentious slogans and goals.

    I am sick of your fundraising schemes, your public relations and your image making

    Do you know what I want?

    I want justice – oceans of it

    I want fairness – rivers of it.

    That’s what I want. That’s all I want.

    This is not me raging against established charities, The Government or The Council – This is Rachel Lampard MBE making her statement on assuming her position as Vice President of the Methodist Conference: www.methodist.org.uk/news-and-events/news-releases/stop-trying-to-fix-the-poor-says-methodist-vice-president

    And these are not her words but come from The Message translation of The Book of Amos 5 21-24 – written in the 8th Century BC.

    Yesterday we were able to join the Methodist Conference service in which Ros Watson and others were ‘received into the full Connexion’. What a funny way of speaking these Methodists have – and even after this and having passed all their qualifying examinations, the new ministers had to go to another service in one of several churches near or in London to be ordained – We felt a reference to line two above might be worth a try.

    Nevertheless, it was a powerful experience – and summed with words from Micah, another prophet:

    And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?

    Wisdom for all times, all places and all circumstances.

    As Dr Ann Johnson shared with us in 'Dementia Conversations' a few weeks ago:

    Do you want to know how to help me?

    ‘Love me, and be with me’

    And Robert Davies: ‘Don’t try to help me with words – Walk with me’

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