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  • 12th December 2016 | By David Jolley

    We have hung the banner on the park gate and posted our newsletter and flyers around the streets. Facebook and Twitter carry the story and maybe our local paper will tell people too. For the third year in sequence we will be singing carols on the park this Sunday coming. It has been a wonderful collaboration between the Friends group and Altrincham Baptist Church. They make all the music and give the content to the hour. We, the Friends, are simply hosts, adding some refreshments, welcome and continuity. Over 300 came together last year, some say 500 it is not easy to be sure in the darkness which falls by 4.30.

    The park is a place where people will come together in confidence and without too many hang-ups. Some come bringing faith. Perhaps for most it is just the togetherness and a reflection on routines from the past, their own and generations before. This is a gentler togetherness than that of a football crowd. We are not combined against an opponent other than the sadness for the homeless and those short of work and food and health at this and other times. Mostly we will rejoice in positives, the joy of music, wonderful memories, food to be cooked and consumed, presents to be given and received, hands to be held.

    This is a little tradition for here and now. It brings together people who come from many different places in these islands and beyond. Hearts may still be elsewhere and in different times, times past and times for the future. But this is here and now and will be secure, a reference point in the darkness, cold and damp, in fresh air and with stars and the moon somewhere above.

    Singing out the old and singing in the new but holding all things dear.

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