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  • 17th July 2017 | By David Jolley

    Well – that was what we said when we were very small. Later we learned that 3 into 2 could be 2/3 or 0.6667 – a fraction of a whole.

    The hurt of Grenfell is still with us, and the lessons of Aberfan in comparison to the growth and needs of people with dementia hold true.

    July 6th we found the Guardian’s front page shouting: ‘Safety alert on 1,300 ‘failing ‘nursing homes’. The Care Quality Commission has found 32% of nursing homes to be inadequate and 37% must improve safety standards.

    Page 8 reported on research from University College London which was published in the British Medical Journal that week: ‘More than 1.2 million people with dementia by 2040’. These 1.2 million will be in England – there will be many, many more worldwide. This is a prediction but it is a pretty good bet it will prove to be right. It takes into account the good news that incidence of dementia has been falling decade on decade in age-matched cohorts. It assumes that governments will ignore the learning that improved living conditions for the less well-off would reduce the incidence even further.

    So there is good information that the condition which underpins most of the needs and costs which lead very old people to spend their last months in nursing homes will be with us in increasing numbers for the foreseeable future.

    Back to page 1: ‘state spending on social care (has been) cut by a cumulative £6bn since 2010’.

    This is why it hurts. If you know about nettles you prepare yourself with suitable clothing and equipment before tackling them. If you must hold them – hold them very tightly – that way their poison is subdued. 

    This week, for the first time in my memory, we received a newsletter from local labour politicians. Their topics of choice were to contest a rise of parking charges in the town and to object to an initiative which will charge for green bins to deal with garden waste. Not a mention of the government imposed austerity which takes most from the less well-off. Not a mention of the benefits of redistributing wealth so that everyone can live healthier lives. No awareness of the need to protect parks and green spaces.

    Come on, this is simple maths. It is not even algebra.

    Let’s balance the books and do all we can to reduce the likelihood of crises in and out of nursing homes, as well as making buildings safe to live in. Invest to save.

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