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  • 9th April | By David Jolley

    We thought we had quelled all this hoping for a cure and settled for a sensible use of the evidence we have that what works for dementia are preventative approaches and care, so that expenditure on research into possible cures should be rationed internationally and more resources directed to care and health promotion.

    Yet the Guardian carried ‘Humans keep making neurons for learning throughout life’ on Friday. The article and the references it drew on had the virtue of reminding me of the existence of the dentate gyrus, but reading the references I could not be convinced that they were describing the development of new neurons in adult life or old age – to the contrary most of the research seems to confirm that lots of neurons are established at birth and very early life – the number decreases with age. Somehow the alternative story has taken a grip.

    At our weekly seminar we learned that much time of very great men and women is being devoted to consideration of how the NHS will cope when (when) a cure for Alzheimer’s disease via monoclonal antibodies becomes available – at vast expense and with expansion of the need for therapy into decades before the possible/probable emergence of the clinical syndrome.

    I remember being glad that I had not been required to spend my creative years planning for what this country should do in the event of a nuclear war. By comparison this seems a positively reasonable expenditure of a life. The zombie keeps on walking! https://www.researchgate.net/publication/5059675_APOCALYPSE_NO_population_aging_and_the_future_of_health_care_systems

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