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  • 31st July 2018 | By David Jolley

    Thursday afternoons we have been running a Pop In at a local Methodist Church for anyone who wants to join us for tea, cake and time to talk of this and that. Latterly we have introduced a quiz and regular celebration of birthdays.

    Who comes? Usually a mix of older people plus a group from the nearby disability centre. It works well. Previous years have seen a break through the last weeks of July and August. This year we decided to carry on – Why close down what if one of the few organised activities available in the village? The disability group had already arranged trips away but for the rest, Thursdays were still open.

    So we gathered our cakes, eclairs, egg custards, strawberries, bananas, tea etc and put together a different sort of quiz. It was more difficult to park than usual – and the little church was flooded with teenagers – This was Team 6 of the local National Citizens Service project. www.ncsefltrust.co.uk/

    We have Team 10 working with us on the park – but I had not known about Team 6. What is their project – The team of 15 plus are preparing for a cake sale, which will be held at another small church nearby on Monday next. The proceeds will be used to sponsor a Garden Party for residents at a MHA Care Home for older people, with any extra to be donated for Music Therapy for people with dementia. Now all that is close to our hearts, but it emerged that the productive tangle of connections is even more entwined:

    Under the circumstances it was not possible to run the Pop In – so I sat at the door to repel would-be attenders. Millicent came along on her disability scooter. She was disappointed but glad for a chat – and she met Katie from Team 6 who was rehearsing the words she will say to the ‘Dragons’ Den’ in arguing for funds for the project. They both enjoyed this and Millicent will be at the cake sale on Monday and will tell her friends about it. David brought along Jocelyn and Annabel – David is a driver and J and A live in the MHA care home where the Garden Party is planned – so they are all in the know now. They will be there and will encourage others and families to know about it. Robert is usually a bit late – and so he was – But he is reliable and came with his carer. Again they were disappointed not to have our Pop In – but glad enough to have had an outing and to learn the news, pass it on, and will be there on Monday.

    In these times it is wonderful to know that such innocent good work is going on – connected locally- and with every turn being aimed to improve understanding and care.

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