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  • 21st January 2019 | By David Jolley

    This little phrase may be one of my own creation – Googling doesn’t find it – but does give: ‘In the same boat’, ‘On the same wavelength’, ‘On the same Page’, and ‘By the same token’. I guess that is where it comes from.

    Wolverhampton is about as far from the sea as any other town, or city, in England so my experience of boats is limited. The Black Country does have its canals and some towns are based on rivers, but boats have not figured greatly in my life. Dawn Brooker has used the metaphor of a riverboat journey as an alternative to the ‘pathway’ analogy. I find both too deterministic and restrictive. Individual journeys are so complicated, variable and have so many dimensions.

    Buses I do know. We travelled by bus and counted the numbers on the tickets when shopping with mum and when travelling to school, often it seemed in a soaking gabardine raincoat. Modern buses are huge – Double decker plus bringing hundreds of young ladies and young men to or from local schools. We travelled in an ultra-modern, plush coach to Southport for the North West in Bloom Awards ceremony this year.

    Last night I dreamt of a big bus carrying teams of people who I have worked with. We were travelling to places which need help to produce and provide decent services for older people with dementia and other frailties. We travelled first in confidence, knowing that we had the skills, the resources and team loyalties which would see possibilities, and support a reasonable life for individuals with difficulties and those caring for them.

    But then in the way of dreams, we found ourselves without a driver. Down to me then. But this bus seemed to be powered by electricity. No matter how long we sat at the charging station, we never got the signal that there was enough power to carry on.

    I am not having that. We’ll get off and walk

    Medscape recently gave Charles Dickens claim to the having described the interpretation of dreams before Freud https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/906730?nlid=126771_425&src=WNL_mdplsfeat_181226_mscpedit_psyc&uac=164450HY&spon=12&impID=1844188&faf=1

    I was not impressed because the bible told us long ago of the Joseph’s prowess in this matter. https://www.theologyofwork.org/old-testament/genesis-12-50-and-work/joseph-genesis-372-5026/josephs-interpretation-of-dreams-in-prison-genesis-3920-4023

    I think my dream is pretty transparent. Reliance on the latest technology and ‘systems’ leaves us flattered to despair.

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