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  • 18th February 2019 | By David Jolley

    Yesterday the morning included frost, but the sky was clear and the colours so intense that a familiar journey home from the hospital felt like a dream into another part of the world.

    Walking westwards along the Bridgewater Canal at Dunham during the afternoon, the water glinted flashes of light and my eyes screwed up to reduce the glare. People approaching were silhouettes without colour until they had passed by. The air was fresh and we walked on easily toward a broad bottomed barge before turning right, away from the towpath to the lane which snakes back and under the echoing under path. The orchard just beyond is full of snowdrops and crocuses at this time of year – Not that I had remembered until we were alongside them – There they rest this year as every year, white and blue and purple with just a few golden cups.

    Clanging over the metal bridge which spans the rushing mill-race we came to the corner which leads to the long straight and narrow road which takes us back to Smithy Lane and on to the entrance to Dunham Park. Either side of that narrow road the hawthorn hedges are bare, their profile spikey and threatening to the unwary. But they were the corridor along which pairs of blue birds flew and flit, over and round, along and back again, thanking the sunshine for such a day and saying joy to all the earth.

    Natalie has been struggling to cope with episodes of ill-health and the loss of a friend who had raised the pleasures of each day to new levels.

    Walking with a trusted support, through the world as it still is, with memories, pains and possibilities may provide therapy beyond words.

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